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A God Who Looks Like Jesus

By Herb Montgomery

Four presentations about God or are they about Jesus: 1 - A Jesus-Like God 2 - God In Conflict 3 - The Victory of God 4 - A Jesus-Like Church

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An Investigation:

by Gordon Kainer

Who is the real Jesus? Is the story of His birth and early life, as generally taught, really true?

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      Paperback  or  eBook        392 Pages

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As He Is

by 4th Angel Publications

Highly absorbing, fascinating, and even challenging, with prayer this book will change your life.

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Can You Prove God Is Love

Designed & Compiled by The Ministry Place

Did you know that the Bible says  "God Is Love!"?  Has anyone else ever told you that God is love?  But then people say a lot of things you can't believe today.  What do you think?  How would someone actually prove that God is love?  What if God is NOT love?

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Cosmic Conflict Over God's Character

by Drs. Brad and Dorothee Cole

The Cosmic Conflict Over God’s Character--a 13 week guide to discovering the trustworthiness of God--is the second in a series of the Truth, Love and Freedom Bible Study Guides.


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Digma Videos

by Ty Gibson


Stories that will shift your world.    See.   Feel.   Engage.

Online Videos

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Domestic Violence in OUR Church?

by Johnnie Lorren,  edited by Charles Mills

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Domestic Violence in OUR Church?--a 13 week guide to healing our families-- is the first in a series of the Truth, Love and Freedom Bible Study Guides.

In this Bible Study Guide, we will examine God’s design for families, the myriad faces evil takes in assaulting our homes and God’s methods to bring healing here and now.

Paperback (186 pages)

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Elevator Series

by Light Bearers Ministry


Elevator  is a series of "armchair" video episodes about God.  Four different presenters give their thoughts on God-subjects ranging from His Law to His Heart.

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Family Reunion

by Buddy Houghtaling

Family Reunion is a 10 song album of tunes that will stick with you throughout your day. 

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Finding The Father

by Herb Montgomery

Finding the Father is a revolutionary new book like none other. As each page is traversed you will truly begin to experience the truth of our God's character of love, as it unfolds for you right before your heart.

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Paperback  (157 pages)

USD $14.95

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