Is God? God Is! e-Seminar

Designed & Compiled by  The Ministry Place, Inc.


An online,  self-paced, multi-media e-Seminar designed to help you find answers to your God-questions.  This seminar provides a unique learning/thinking experience and the subject is God.   

(No Registration Required)

Everyone  at some point in their life has a curiosity, an urge, a longing or a pressing need to know if God exists and if so, what He/She is really like. .

The Goal of this seminar is to help you work through the "Is God...?" questions in ways that result in life-changing "God Is...!" answers.  The subject is God.  The methodology of this seminar is to ask the most important and frequently asked questions about God--the Big God-questions--and stimulate you to read, listen, watch, think, then formulate answers.  The content of this seminar is specifically selected to encourage you to think about these questions from points of view you have probably never thought from before.

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