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Domestic Violence in OUR Church?

by Johnnie Lorren,  edited by Charles Mills

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Domestic Violence in OUR Church?--a 13 week guide to healing our families-- is the first in a series of the Truth, Love and Freedom Bible Study Guides.

In this Bible Study Guide, we will examine God’s design for families, the myriad faces evil takes in assaulting our homes and God’s methods to bring healing here and now.

Paperback (186 pages)

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We’ve all seen them - the startling programs on TV highlighting stories of families torn apart by abuse. Perhaps we even know someone in our own neighborhood or family who has experienced domestic violence. Yet, it’s easy to believe that Christian homes are different—that “we” are different. Surely when people become church members, that type of abuse stops!

Think again. Recent research indicates that the percentages of domestic violence among Christian intimate partners are as high and, in some categories, even a bit higher than in non-Christian homes.

Week 1: God's Design for Intimate Relationships
Week 2: Satan's Plan to Destroy the Home
Week 3: Women's Roles in Home, Church and Society
Week 4: types of Abuse
Week 5: Man's Far-Reaching Role as Husband and Father
Week 6: Passing It Down
Week 7: The Bible's Standard for Relationships
Week 8: How Children Learn to Be Abusers
Week 9: Does God Abuse His Power?
Week 10: Detecting Need Within a Church Family
Week 11: Tools of the Trade
Week 12: My Role
Week 13: Hope for the Future

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