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God's Grace Is Free So,

by John Edison

God's Grace Is Free So, What Else Really Matters?   Each chapter of this book deals with an issue of life that affects our relationship with God. Each chapter deals with what really matters.

Paperback  (154 pages)

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In the Introduction to the book, John explains that God's grace is a free gift.  It's not even a deserved gift.  The power of choice is also one of God's greatest free gifts. "Some of our choices are between what is right and wrong, but most of our choices have to do with what is best and wisest."  So the questions: "God's grace is free so, does it matter what we believe, if we have a God to worship, if we believe in evolution, whether we know the reasons for everything God asks us to do", and many more make up the chapters of this insightful book.

"God's grace is free, so does it matter what we believe?  This book is a statement of what I believe and is based on two basic assumptions: God exists, and the Bible is His word. If you have a problem with these two assumptions, please read the entire book because the validity of both assumptions is addressed."  John Edison

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