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by Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

After eight years of intermittent recording sessions, Jennifer has released the 20-song CD Love/Life.

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After eight years of intermittent recording sessions, Jennifer has released the 20-song CD Love/Life..

The CD features guest soloist Alison Brook Schwirzer with her soaring soprano, Jamie Jorge with his masterful violin, and David Gonzalez working musical miracles on flute.

Jennifer Jill Schwirzer enjoys the challenge of running a small non-profit organization called Michael Ministries through which she runs a private counseling practice, produces and performs Christian music, writes books and presents seminars.

As a teenager, Jennifer experienced what would be called a "radical" conversion from New Age philosophy and practice to Christianity, then to the Seventh-day Adventist religion. She began expressing her faith through music, particularly songwriting and performing with her guitar.

To date, Jennifer has recorded about 200 songs of her own composition. She has given hundreds of concerts all over the U.S. and Canada, and has appeared in Europe, Central America and Africa. Her CDs receive air play on radio stations all around the U.S.

In 1999, Jennifer graduated Summa Cum Laude from Atlantic Union College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in religion. Jennifer completed her Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling through Capella University in March of 2008. She is currently working as a licensed professional counselor out of her office in the Philadelphia area.

Many weekends find Jennifer traveling to present one of her seminars. Probably the most popular one is Finding Peace, a seminar addressing what Jennifer calls "biblical psychology." Recently she has been featured on 3ABN "Issues and Answers" and "Today."

To date, Jennifer has written or co-written ten published books: Testimony of a Seeker (Pacific Press, 1999), A Most Precious Message (Pacific Press, 2000), I Want it All (Review and Herald, 2003), and A Deep But Dazzling Darkness (Amazing Facts Publishers, 2004), and Dying to be Beautiful (Review and Herald, 2005), A Light for the Last Days (Amazing Facts, 2006), Finding My Way in Milwaukee (Review and Herald, 2008), A Gospel Story (Michael Ministries, 2009), Twice Upon a Time (Fire Engine Publishers, 2009), and 13 Weeks to Peace (Pacific Press, 2011). In addition she has written countless articles, which have been published in magazines such as the Adventist Review and Liberty Magazine.

Her greatest credential is that Jennifer loves Jesus and is a friend to many. A warm, caring Christian, Jennifer has touched many lives. She currently lives in Philadelphia with her husband Michael of 29 years and their two college-aged daughters, Kimberly and Alison. 

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