God News - Good News is a growing collection of information and resources in a variety of media on the subject of God.  You will find audio, video, music, books, articles, seminars and services (blogs, live webinars & live chat are in the development stages), all selected because the content was found to be helpful in answering questions about God.  If you have  God-questions, you've come to the right place.  

You will find The Collection of items here to be very helpful in your search for answers to what we call "The BIG God Questions."  Question like: Does God exist? What is God like? Why doesn't God end suffering? Does God get angry? Did God really create people? Why did God create people? Where is God? Does God talk to people? Can I actually know God? Why doesn't God protect the innocent?  and many others.  We're committed to finding and adding new items to The Collection regularly; so remember to visit us frequently and share our address with friends and family.

You may have found this web site via click-through from our "sister" site   IsGodGodIs.org  .  If not, you may want to browse that site first.  It provides thought provoking, "first pass" answers to The Big God-Questions.  Then, if you click the More Complete Answers  links it will bring you back here to the page of items most helpful for the God Question you were reading.

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