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Can You Prove God Is Love

Designed & Compiled by The Ministry Place

Did you know that the Bible says  "God Is Love!"?  Has anyone else ever told you that God is love?  But then people say a lot of things you can't believe today.  What do you think?  How would someone actually prove that God is love?  What if God is NOT love?

Multi-media eBook

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Digma Videos

by Ty Gibson


Stories that will shift your world.    See.   Feel.   Engage.

Online Videos

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Elevator Series

by Light Bearers Ministry


Elevator  is a series of "armchair" video episodes about God.  Four different presenters give their thoughts on God-subjects ranging from His Law to His Heart.

Online Videos

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FREE Bible Version

by FREE Bible Ministry

The Free Bible Version NT is a new translation into modern English from the standard Greek text. Its intent is to be as faithful to the original meaning without being awkward or misleading. The style is contemporary English without using slang or colloquialisms, speaking to our modern society in a way people will understand.

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God's Grace Is Free So,

by John Edison

God's Grace Is Free So, What Else Really Matters?   Each chapter of this book deals with an issue of life that affects our relationship with God. Each chapter deals with what really matters.

Paperback  (154 pages)

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Happiness Digest

by Ellen G. White

* FREE *

When happiness seems beyond your reach and problems weigh you down, where do you turn? Millions of people have found the answer in this short paperback.



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Is God? God Is! e-Seminar

Designed & Compiled by  The Ministry Place, Inc.


An online,  self-paced, multi-media e-Seminar designed to help you find answers to your God-questions.  This seminar provides a unique learning/thinking experience and the subject is God.   

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Life Unlimited

By Herb Montgomery

Jesus modeled for us a path that leads to life. He said that only a few, though, find it. This is a path for those who have forsaken an "eye for and eye" way of living.

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Models of Salvation

by Bill Chambers

After looking at the title, you may be tempted to bypass this book thinking - I don’t need to study salvation, I know all about that. But before you do, ask yourself, honestly – Am I absolutely sure that I know beyond a shadow of doubt the truth about what salvation is and that I have experienced it for myself?

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Paperback  or  eBook         102 Pages

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Persued by a Relentless God

by Shawn Brace

We hide.  God seeks.  Eternity awaits.  God pursued us all the way to hell--without any guarantee He would ever return.

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      Paperback  160 Pages

USD $12.97

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