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A God Who Looks Like Jesus

By Herb Montgomery

Four presentations about God or are they about Jesus: 1 - A Jesus-Like God 2 - God In Conflict 3 - The Victory of God 4 - A Jesus-Like Church

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Cosmic Conflict Over God's Character

by Drs. Brad and Dorothee Cole

The Cosmic Conflict Over God’s Character--a 13 week guide to discovering the trustworthiness of God--is the second in a series of the Truth, Love and Freedom Bible Study Guides.


Paperback (213 pages)

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Elevator Series

by Light Bearers Ministry


Elevator  is a series of "armchair" video episodes about God.  Four different presenters give their thoughts on God-subjects ranging from His Law to His Heart.

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Father's Love Letter

by  Father God

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The cry of a Father's heart from Genesis to Revelation.

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God's Accommodation Principle

God's Accommodation Principle  is a collection of articles and presentations selected from several of the ministries being promoted by God News - Good News.

At various times throughout the Bible, God seems to have interacted with people at their sin-degraded level with a strange, maybe even un-God-like, kind of accommodation.  Did God adjust His standard of righteousness downward to accommodate sinners at times in the past?  Read, Listen, Watch these thought provoking presentations in this special collection. 



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God's Grace Is Free So,

by John Edison

God's Grace Is Free So, What Else Really Matters?   Each chapter of this book deals with an issue of life that affects our relationship with God. Each chapter deals with what really matters.

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God's Style of Justice

by Brad Cole

This presentation was made at the 2008 Good News Tour in Loma Linda, CA by Brad Cole on the subject of God's Justice.   The Good News Tour is a conference that is entirely about God.



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How God Won His Case

by Graham Maxwell

God has been accused before the whole universe. How has His case turned out?

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Models of Salvation

by Bill Chambers

After looking at the title, you may be tempted to bypass this book thinking - I don’t need to study salvation, I know all about that. But before you do, ask yourself, honestly – Am I absolutely sure that I know beyond a shadow of doubt the truth about what salvation is and that I have experienced it for myself?

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Questions At The Cross

by Bill Chambers

"... I believe that if a survey were taken among Christians today, it would show that a great majority have only a very shallow understanding of Christ's death on the cross."

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