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Elevator Series

by Light Bearers Ministry


Elevator  is a series of "armchair" video episodes about God.  Four different presenters give their thoughts on God-subjects ranging from His Law to His Heart.

Online Videos

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FREE Bible Version

by FREE Bible Ministry

The Free Bible Version NT is a new translation into modern English from the standard Greek text. Its intent is to be as faithful to the original meaning without being awkward or misleading. The style is contemporary English without using slang or colloquialisms, speaking to our modern society in a way people will understand.

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God, Grace and Deception

by John Edison

God, Grace & Deception is a book that explains why God makes sense in a corrupt world. This book will confront you with and offer some answers to many of today’s most asked questions about God—questions such as Why God?, Is He Real?, Does He Exist?

Paperback  (76 pages)

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Happiness Digest

by Ellen G. White

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When happiness seems beyond your reach and problems weigh you down, where do you turn? Millions of people have found the answer in this short paperback.



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Is God? God Is! e-Seminar

Designed & Compiled by  The Ministry Place, Inc.


An online,  self-paced, multi-media e-Seminar designed to help you find answers to your God-questions.  This seminar provides a unique learning/thinking experience and the subject is God.   

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Life Unlimited

By Herb Montgomery

Jesus modeled for us a path that leads to life. He said that only a few, though, find it. This is a path for those who have forsaken an "eye for and eye" way of living.

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Our Father Cares

by Ellen G. White

These selected readings focus on God’s great love for us, reflecting the fact that He is deeply interested in every aspect of our daily lives. We invite you to read each day’s devotional with His great love for you in mind, trusting that as you meditate on each passage you will come to appreciate more than ever how much God cares for you.

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Hardcover Book

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Searching For/Swimming Against

by Chris Blake

Now available! Two insightful books from Chris Blake are available as a set at a discounted price for a limited time only.

Set of 2 Paperbacks

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See With New Eyes

by Ty Gibson

Seeing With New Eyes: The True Beauty of God’s Character

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Paperback    159 pages

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See With New Eyes -Tracts

by Ty Gibson

Seeing With New Eyes: The True Beauty of God’s Character.

8-Quarterfold 8.5x14 Studies

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