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God's Accommodation Principle

God's Accommodation Principle  is a collection of articles and presentations selected from several of the ministries being promoted by God News - Good News.

At various times throughout the Bible, God seems to have interacted with people at their sin-degraded level with a strange, maybe even un-God-like, kind of accommodation.  Did God adjust His standard of righteousness downward to accommodate sinners at times in the past?  Read, Listen, Watch these thought provoking presentations in this special collection. 



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God's Character-Gospel Glossary

Produced by  CharacterOfGod.org

To get the message you need to know the meaning of the words.  

Multi-media eBook

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God's Grace Is Free So,

by John Edison

God's Grace Is Free So, What Else Really Matters?   Each chapter of this book deals with an issue of life that affects our relationship with God. Each chapter deals with what really matters.

Paperback  (154 pages)

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God's Style of Justice

by Brad Cole

This presentation was made at the 2008 Good News Tour in Loma Linda, CA by Brad Cole on the subject of God's Justice.   The Good News Tour is a conference that is entirely about God.



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God's Wrath in the Bible

by Jean Sheldon, PhD

* FREE *

“God’s Wrath” in the Bible is a series of Bible Studies with a group of students at Pacific Union College by Dr. Jean Sheldon. In this series, Dr. Sheldon covers in-depth the subject of "God's wrath" as found in both the Old and New Testaments.

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Good News Tour-2008


* FREE *

The Good News Tour is a conference that is all about God.  The 2008 conference, held in Loma Linda, CA  included engaging presentations by eight different speakers.   


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Good News Tour-2009


* FREE *

The Good News Tour is a conference that is all about God.  The 2009 conference, held in Vancouver, British Columbia, included engaging presentations by four different speakers.   

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Grace Outlet

by Kris R. Eckenroth, D.Min.

Creating Churches that Dispense the Unmerited Favor of God

What if the mission Jesus gave His church drove everything that the church did? What would that be like? Undoubtedly it would drive the church right out of the building and into the community.

Paperback  (189 pages)

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Happiness Digest

by Ellen G. White

* FREE *

When happiness seems beyond your reach and problems weigh you down, where do you turn? Millions of people have found the answer in this short paperback.



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Healing The Mind

by Timothy R. Jennings, MD

* FREE *

Healing the Mind is contains 6 video lectures recorded live during a 2-day seminar.  The material is based on his book, "Could It Be This Simple" and totals almost 6 hours of professionally recorded video on 3 DVD discs.

Set of 3 DVDs   or   Watch Here

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