An Investigation:

by Gordon Kainer

Who is the real Jesus? Is the story of His birth and early life, as generally taught, really true?

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      Paperback  or  eBook        392 Pages


      Many accept and never question what they've read about Jesus' life. Others defend their beliefs and feel no need to examine the evidence why. Few are aware that some stories of Jesus were taken from paganism, misleading traditions, and human reasoning-and not from the Bible. As a result, much of what is believed about Jesus has no biblical basis and often the Bible teaches the exact opposite! This book is not a complete history of Jesus' earthly life. It covers aspects of His early life and times that aren't well known. As you read this book, I recommend releasing any preconceived ideas. Investigate what is revealed in the pages of your Bible with an open heart.


On the plains of South Dakota stands a 40 foot silo with this inscriptioin: Adam Kainer and Son 1951.  It represented to all who could see, my father's desire for me to join him as a full-time farmer.  Instead, I chose to honor my heavenly Father's call to the ministry.  It wasn't until I was completing my Master's Degree that I made the decision to become an educator.   (for more click the picture above)

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