Truth Link

by Ty Gibson

Truth is not merely a list of abstract ideas or a collection of factual data. Rather, truth is an embodied reality, the sum total of which is to be found in the revelation of God in the person of Jesus Christ.

27 Printed Study Guides

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Do you want to hear God’s voice speaking to you, in your heart, through the pages of the Bible? Truth Link is a series of 27 Bible Study guides written specifically to enable you to see and experience the love of God. Discover. Connect. Experience. His love…Truth Link.


1. The Logic of Love 16. A Healing Community
2. The Heart of God 17. The Great Apostasy
3. The Image of God 18. The Church in the Wilderness
4. War in Heaven 19. The Remnant
5. The Fall of Humanity 20. The Day of Atonement
6. The Promised One 21. The First Angel's Message
7. Journey to the Heart of God 22. The Second Angel's Message
8. Death Defined 23. The Third Angel's Message
9. Death Defeated 24. The Second Coming
10. New Creatures in Christ 25. The Millennium
11. Life in God's Love 26. The End of Evil
12. Resting in Christ 27. Pleasures Forevermore
13. Reciprocal Living
14. Health and Wholeness
15. Immersion

              At the age of eighteen Ty Gibson encountered the truth of God’s existence for the first time. After having been raised with a purely secular worldview and having witnessed evil and suffering firsthand, Ty was completely opposed to the idea of a Supreme Being. “If God exists,” he reasoned, “He would have to be cruel to have made a world like ours?” Ty’s conversion as a teenager was founded on the answer to that question. The powerful reality of God’s love opened Ty’s mind to a whole new line of thought. Since then he has given his life to the joyous task of sharing God’s good character in public seminars as well as through print and video media.

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