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Life Unlimited

By Herb Montgomery

Jesus modeled for us a path that leads to life. He said that only a few, though, find it. This is a path for those who have forsaken an "eye for and eye" way of living.

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Jesus modeled for us a path that lead to life. He said that only a few, though, find it. We are not to assume that the millions of outwardly “religious” are necessarily the ones who have. This is a path for those who have forsaken an “eye for an eye” way of living. This a path rooted in the life-transforming ethic of treating others, in every case, the way you would like to be treated. It’s seeing others as part of yourself. No more “us and them.”

In Jesus’ own words, he came to give life, “and life more abundant.” The liberation Jesus came to bring is biased toward the poor, it is life for those are hungry, life for those who presently weep as they hunger for justice. To those who, under the present social order, experience oppression, marginalization, being treated as outcast, and, at times, deeply disadvantaged, Jesus’ way is good news! It is good news to those who are “last,” and problematic at best for those of us who are “first.” It is “easy” for those whose present path is “hard.” And it is “hard” for those who presently find their life “easy.” It’s counter-intuitive, but once it is discovered, we see that a new world has already begun, here and now. And for those who have eyes to see it, it’s a world of healing, liberation, redistribution, and reconciliation. For those at the top as well as for those at the bottom, the Jesus-path leads to a safer, more compassionate world—a world characterized by life for all, life that is unlimited.

Renewed Heart Ministries is a non-profit seminar-based ministry that is passionate about following Jesus and sharing Jesus’ message of God’s love in our post-modern world. RHM is dedicated to sharing the picture of God we discover through the lens of Jesus Christ in a way that is intellectually honest, culturally relevant, and relationally responsible.

Our Savior came to this world as the morning dawn, illuminating the eyes of our hearts, which had been darkened by persistent lies from the enemy. With the aim of finishing the work Jesus began, I very humbly introduce to you Renewed Heart Ministries. It is my hope that your life will be enriched, your heart renewed, and your devotion to Jesus deepened through the resources RHM has to offer. May God truly bless you as we seek to finish the work. “Those who wait for the Bridegroom’s coming are to say to the people, ‘Behold your God.’ The last rays of merciful light, the last message of mercy to be given to the world, is a revelation of His character of love.” (Christ Object Lessons p. 415.)


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